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Bob & Lori Hollander are Talkradio 680 WCBM's WomanTalk Live Relationship Experts. Listen to the podcasts:
7 Secrets of Emotional & Erotic Intimacy - 2/14/09
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Romance or Roomates - 9/20/08
What If One Of Us Changes? For Better or Worse - 6/11/08
360° means Commitment – 360° means Hope360° means Community

We’ve all used the word "commitment" when talking about relationships. Problem is, we only use it in reference to the couple. No one talks about the commitment made by the therapist. Perhaps, that’s because professional commitment usually only goes so far. There’s the once a week appointment and, frankly, not much else.

At Relationships Work, we do things differently. We’ve completely redesigned the way traditional couples therapy works, offering clients an unprecedented level of relationship support – 24/7.

We work in full partnership with every couple – meaning all the time, in multiple ways and with 100% investment in helping you create the relationship you want. No matter which direction it is going.

We’ve found that it’s much easier to create an extraordinary partnership when your support system goes to extraordinary lengths. And, truly, every couple deserves that.

Here’s what 360° of support looks like:



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