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Counseling & Coaching – A Relationship that Works

We don’t expect our jobs to be accomplished without challenges and work, and yet somehow we think our relationships should be loving and fulfilling without much effort.

Often, life is so busy that we put our relationships last. But, interestingly, the most loving and satisfying lives are often created when we make our relationship the top priority.

When a relationship is not working, partners can experience:

  • Chronic stress and arguing
  • Communication that is critical of your partner – and critical of you
  • Difficulty resolving conflict
  • Feelings of emptiness and distance, emotionally, sexually and spiritually

When relationships work, partners find themselves part of a whole-life support system that:

  • Fosters well-being
  • Improves communication in ways that honor each partner
  • Turns conflict into an opportunity for growth
  • Creates feelings of fullness and connection, emotionally, sexually and spiritually

All Relationships Work counseling and coaching sessions offer Support 360°. Which means, you’ll get a complete and personalized blueprint for your relationship work within a flexible structure that puts your needs first.

In our Counseling & Coaching program, you’ll receive:

  • An Initial Evaluation – You and your partner meet with either Lori or Bob Hollander to explore the current and historic issues that have created roadblocks to communication.
  • A Personal Couples Blueprint – Afterwards, Lori or Bob will create your Personal Couples Blueprint, a plan that addresses goals and strategies that we think will work best for you as a couple.
  • Ongoing Sessions – Per your Blueprint, you meet with either Lori or Bob on an ongoing basis, and, with our Support 360° promise, you’ll be able to call for on-the-spot support and schedule longer sessions as needed.
  • Relationship Working Assignments – Homework is given between visits so that you can practice new ways of relating.
  • Extra Resources – You’ll be able to take advantage of all Relationship Works TeleClasses for free while you are working with us. You’ll also receive a discount on all Relationship works eCourses, workbooks and other tools while you are working with us.

There really isn’t a faster more powerful way to see results in your relationship. To get started with Counseling & Coaching with Relationships Work, click here.

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