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Catch the podcast of Bob & Lori's latest appearance on WomanTalk Live as they discuss the "7 Secrets of Emotional & Erotic Intimacy".

Bob & Lori Hollander are Talkradio 680 WCBM's WomanTalk Live Relationship Experts. Listen to the podcasts:
7 Secrets of Emotional & Erotic Intimacy - 2/14/09
Love & Money - 11/8/08
Romance or Roomates - 9/20/08
What If One Of Us Changes? For Better or Worse - 6/11/08

Relationships Work eCourses are a journey to the heart. These intensive, topic-specific programs guide you and/or your partner through a process of discovery where you’ll gain the insight, knowledge and skills to take your relationship to a whole new level – by yourself or with your partner.

Plus, you’ll have fun doing it. Each eCourse includes valuable new thinking about relationships, tips, worksheets, skills to practice and more.

Once you take an eCourse, it’s yours forever – you’ll find you’ll refer back to it again and again as you continue to grow as a couple.

Here are the eCourses available to you now:

"7 Secrets of Emotional & Erotic Intimacy"
Financial Intimacy: How to Talk to Your Partner About Money

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