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Catch the podcast of Bob & Lori's latest appearance on WomanTalk Live as they discuss the "7 Secrets of Emotional & Erotic Intimacy".

Bob & Lori Hollander are Talkradio 680 WCBM's WomanTalk Live Relationship Experts. Listen to the podcasts:
7 Secrets of Emotional & Erotic Intimacy - 2/14/09
Love & Money - 11/8/08
Romance or Roomates - 9/20/08
What If One Of Us Changes? For Better or Worse - 6/11/08
Financial Intimacy: How to Talk to Your Partner About Money

Money. It’s the single most heated topic in relationships. Harder to talk about than sex. That’s because most of us have deeply entrenched beliefs about money that are very different from our partner's. This eCourse helps you and your partner:

  • Access your current level of financial intimacy
  • Learn what money means to each of you
  • Discover your individual financial personalities
  • Increase and improve your financial "pillow talk"
  • Become financial partners using powerful new problem-solving skills and techniques

Coming Soon!

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