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Catch the podcast of Bob & Lori's latest appearance on WomanTalk Live as they discuss the "7 Secrets of Emotional & Erotic Intimacy".

Bob & Lori Hollander are Talkradio 680 WCBM's WomanTalk Live Relationship Experts. Listen to the podcasts:

7 Secrets of Emotional & Erotic Intimacy - 2/14/09
Love & Money - 11/8/08
Romance or Roomates - 9/20/08
What If One Of Us Changes? For Better or Worse - 6/11/08
Welcome to Relationships Work®A community of support from relationship therapists and coaches, Bob and Lori Hollander.

Whether you’re here because your relationship is in crisis or because you want to turn a good partnership into one that’s extraordinary, one thing is certain: You deserve the highest level of support you can find.

Relationships Work exists solely to give couples extraordinary support. We call it Support 360° because we literally surround your relationship with everything you need to make progress.

We work in full partnership with every couple – meaning all the time, in multiple ways and with 100% investment in helping you create the relationship you want.


Here’s Support 360° in action:

Find out what else we mean by Support 360°

360° means Hope360° means Community

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